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WalkActive is more than just walking. It’s a whole system for your health, fitness and wellbeing all through walking that compliments your lifestyle. Start your WalkActive journey with LEARN. It’s educational, effective, enjoyable. Master the fundamental building blocks of the WalkActive System to improve your technique, health and enjoyment of walking. LEARN Get Started with WalkActive + LEARN WalkActive Core & Tone + LEARN WalkActive Pace & Fitness


Progress & train with WalkActive

Take your WalkActive to the next level and ACHIEVE great results for whole body wellbeing with results driven programmes and educational coaching resources for cardiovascular fitness, body tone, flexibility, balance, mobility and mental wellbeing benefits. Adaptable programmes for at home practice and outdoor workouts. Enhance physical fitness confidence and integrate into your life. All created to compliment your walking so you look, feel and perform better.


Connect, engage and enjoy.

Connect and THRIVE in a community that encourages and supports, sharing WalkActive experiences and stories. Whatever your level or motivation, join in challenges to keep you on track, share tips and learnings, celebrate successes and achievements. Participate in live chats and daily body boosters to optimise and compliment your WalkActive. Whether taking your first steps out on your WalkActive Journey or a long time WalkActivist, the WalkActive Community lies at the heart of the WalkActive System.
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Why WalkActive?

Scientifically Verified

  • Improve posture

    The WalkActive Technique has been shown to significantly improve posture as you walk and in every day life, helping you to LOOK better.

  • Reduce joint stress

    The WalkActive Technique significantly reduces joint strain at the knee and ankle, helping you to walk more comfortably for longer.So you FEEL better.

  • Walk faster

    The WalkActive Technique significantly increases your walking speed by up to 24%, helping you to achieve greater cardiovascular fitness benefits so you PERFORM better.


“Thoroughly recommend Joanna Hall's WalkActive programme. The WalkActive Technique has improved my posture not just while walking, but in all aspects of my life. My stride is smoother, longer and faster and the pressure has been taken off my hips and knees.Thank you.”

WalkActive participant UK

Annette Turton

“The WalkActive Programme is fab! As a Physiotherapist dealing with musculoskeletal injuries I will be recommending WalkActive to my patients as part of an ongoing self management plan. It's scientifically evidence based, it works and it's fun with the community support too.”

WalkActive participant UK

Al Morton

“I love the improvements I've seen in my posture, mood and overall health. I can see changes in the way I carry myself and in the way i feel about my body, as well as the way I move when I exercise. Joanna's positive attitude and encouragement are a constant source of inspiration.”